We love to reinvent the classic pieces by mixing styles, colors and inspirations, but sometimes an ancient romantic vein prevails and leads us to the pure classic style, the sober and elegant authentic French taste …

In these moments our choices colors fall on colors rich in history and meaning like the French Blue, one of the most refined nuances in history. French Blue has been used in the heraldry of the French monarchy since the 12th century, with the golden fleurs-de-lis of the kings always set on a blue heraldic azure background, thus the other name “Royal Blue”.

French blue is a shade of azure, but often mistakenly used for greyish-blue colors. A delicate and sophisticated nuance, perfect to decorate a contemporary style private retreat, a restful bedroom in which shades of grey, precious Louis XVI style handmade carvings and golden accents create an atmosphere of quiet and noble beauty.

Whenever there is a new model to “dress” for the first time, in our style department there is a lot of excitement … especially for the choice of color beacuse with the color you do not mess around! When our designers showed us for the first time the sketch of a new armchair inspired by the 40s, with sober lines, rounded back and base in precious slices of different veins of ebony makassar, a great work of chromatic and stylistic research began. In order to interpret a piece inspired by the most sophisticated decade of the last century, a particular nuance was needed, capable of emphasizing a design with not very elaborate shapes, but very, very chic!

To avoid mistakes we chose an intense and warm coral nuance, not quite pink, neither orange. A precious color used since ancient times and back in fashion in luxury furnishings for its metamorphic particularity that makes it very bold or delicate and feminine depending on the combinations.

And seeing the success of our armchair at the Salone del Mobile, we can say that coral was the right color!

Some time ago, wandering through the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts we came across an eighteenth-century original piece of absolute and timeless beauty. We decided to reinterpret it adapting its size and proportions to life in modern apartments in order to bring to contemporary living all the elegance and costly refinement that lived in the royal dwellings of long ago.

To decorate this piece, we worked with rosewood strips of different vining fitted and joined by hand by our marquetry artists. A craft work that demands immense dexterity and great visualising ability to compose regular geometrical designs to suit the sinuous lines of the piece as a whole.

All this piece’s brass components were craftsmanmade using the sand-casting technique and then dipped in baths of liquid 24-carat gold and oven-cured. The brasses were shaped under the blowtorch to follow the lines of the individual components where they were to be fitted and its were drilled and then mounted by hand onto the various parts of the wooden frame.

After more than a month’s work the result was amazing. A masterwork of craftsmanship and refinement with sinuous curves in Louis XV style, marble top, chiselled fittings of gold-plated brass, frame and drawers enhanced by geometric motifs of rosewood’s marquetry.

Stars -bright, shiny, precious- are an extremely refined decorative element, especially when mixed with the classic style. We used them to give a new light to an old French-style medallion armchair and to decorate the glass top and the central drawer of a console table of the early 20th century.



Some time ago, in the family archive, we found a scale model prototype of an elegant table dating from 1950. We decided to reinterpret it in a luxurious and modern way using Makassar wood, one of the world’s most rare and prized materials and the abilities of 7 different craftsmen: cabinet-maker, joiner, inlay artist, blacksmith, polisher, lacquer-worker and varnisher.

To create the central body of this piece, our craftsmen have assembled and glued a number of solid wooden blocks to make a cuboid which is then planed into shape.

The top and base of this table have been veneered with strips of Makassar wood showing a variety of veinings, hand-fitted and jointed together to create a highly refined geometrical pattern which plays on the wood’s different colours to create lighter and darker rays like those of a star.

After more than a month’s work the result was amazing. A jewel of cabinet-making that mixes the oval shapes of the 1950s with today’s metallic colours and geometrical motifs emphasized by the natural light and dark veining of Makassar wood.

Feathers – elegant, impalpable and ethereal – have a sophisticated and regal fascination; this autumn they are the greatest thing in chic. We have managed to reproduce them in wood by creating sophisticated hand-carved plumage on one of our oldest models. The contrast between the solidity of wood and the lightness of feathers brings about an extraordinarily precious form of decoration that becomes the star of the whole creation.

We often work with architects and interior designers on special projects that require a high level of customization. Today we want to show you a truly special project that is big in space, furnishings and especially luxury. Here’s our proposal for a spacious, elegant Arabic living room that is used for important business meetings and gatherings.

Here’s a project we particularly like: a refurbished and remodeled factory turned into a home and studio. In its distinctly contemporary decor, our pieces stand out with their classic curves, creating an elegant contrast with the sleek lines of the space. It is an example of how classic style can soften a contemporary setting and how color becomes an elegant decorating element.


Compared to other Italian cities, Milan appears to be very modern. However, there are homes hidden in the more developed areas of the city where sophisticated atmospheres of the past live on. That is the case of this elegant apartment owned by a modern art collector that we had the pleasure of decorating with our pieces chosen to complement a unique triptych of art, design and decor.





This is our last living room inspired by the Indian jungle and dominated by a corner sofa in decò style, covered with sage green velvet with golden thread. One of the rooms that we like more for the elegant mix of gold details, natural colors and undefined colors as the warm red orange.