We have always said it: ours is a Family Story.

But what does “a Family Story” really mean?

In recent years there has been a great rush, not only in our industry, to search for one’s roots. As in fashion world, where more and more archive clothes reinterpreted in a contemporary way by new designers are coming down the runway.

Having solid roots that reach far and wide is a good fortune and, often, also a guarantee of quality.

Having an archive that, as in our case, covers whole centuries of costume and style history means drawing from time-tested patterns, shapes, and inspirations that have been loved by generations of people. Timeless. 

Salda is a company born and raised in the heart of Brianza, the cradle of ancient furniture-making art, but above all the land of savoir-faire, with head and hands. Craftsmanship knowledge is handed down from one generation to another by sharing the work, observing gestures and passing tools from hand to hand. Guiding shapes, details of individual pieces and patterns are our craft heritage, a heritage that still tells our story.  

The story we want to tell you begins with many changes in the Salda world. First of all, we moved to a new location, not very far away physically from the previous one but light years away from the point of view of future vision.

Here, in these new halls, we in fact wanted to give space for production but also for the display and enhancement of our Heritage.

That is why we created a showroom where you can touch our fabrics, finishes and products, and where you can see the furniture in an everyday context, made of dreams but also of concreteness. 

During the move we also got our hands on the archive, where we found hidden treasures that we knew existed but were just waiting to be rediscovered. 

These treasures have become our museum-archive, a wonderful place where we take inspiration every day to create our custom-made furniture and where our customers can wander and be enchanted by the workmanship and endless possibilities.

Hands carving wood, laying down gold leaf, drawing, painting, shaping and cutting, hands repeating gestures that are always similar, but create unique and different results.

After all, Salda has always invested in the talent of men and not in the speed of machines.

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