Do you think words are enough to tell a centuries-long story of precious gestures, repeated and handed down from artisan to artisan?
The answer is: no. Sometimes, words are not enough.

The story we want to tell you starts from a pencil mark on paper.
For this is how our furniture is born: from an idea transmitted on a sheet of paper, and then on wood and precious materials through manual skills.

The hand is the center of everything: it is the hands that draw, carve the wood, choose the fabrics, paint and create the finishes on our furniture.
Hands carving wood, laying down gold leaf, drawing, painting, shaping and cutting, hands repeating gestures that are always similar, but create unique and different results.
From the hands literally flows the story of Salda: from photograph to photograph, from drawing to drawing.

It is the hands that craft memories: that is why they are the main characters in this video we made for you.

Enjoy it.

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