The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius consigned the ancient city of Pompeii to history by forever freezing time among the streets, houses and frescoes. Everything is suspended, as if waiting for something. From the paintings on the walls of the Villa of the Mysteries we rediscover a world made of different but still current rituals, sensations and ways of living. Suggestions from an ancient and already modern world.

The Pompeian Red comes out of the frescoes to dye fabrics, velvets and upholstery.
An antique moodboard that does not neglect the world of lacquers and craftsmanship on wood.
An ancient world opens up, full of sounds and visions that were deemed irretrievably lost.

Refined wines and precious fabrics are fundamental for the Mystery rites.
An ode to Bacchus and luxury relives today through a classic and unmistakable inspiration.

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