In recent times we hear a lot of talk about AI, artificial intelligence. We are sure that technology can make humanity grow in medicine, science and many areas.

But what about art? And what about the craftsmanship, the details?

In a time when man increasingly turns to technology for all kinds of activities, creative activities included, SALDA wants to rediscover what is most surprising, contemporary and ingenious: the ancient wisdom of craftsmanship.

This is the world of SALDA AI, that doesn’t stand for Artificial Intelligence but Artisanal Intelligence. A world made of ancient gestures repeated for centuries, handed down, reinterpreted and made modern but always faithful to their mission: the creation of unique, personal, unmistakable furniture.

We want to bring at Index Dubai 2023 the vision we spread at Salone del Mobile Milano: we want to share and celebrate with you the authenticity of imperfection, but also the power of perfection: the human gesture, in fact, is also capable of creating flawless pieces.

For us, it is really a huge privilege to bring you the ideas we shared during the Salone del Mobile Milano and to rediscover, together, the intelligence hidden in the hand gesture.

We can’t wait to see you in Dubai!

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