To tell the personality, the spirit and ultimately the soul of our fabrics we have chosen to leave … for a journey around the world.
Among lights, colors, sounds and scents we will find our inspiration in the most fascinating corners of the planet, with the spirit of explorers of the unknown.
Our journey starts on the notes of Rhapsody in Blue by Goerge Gershwin: can you guess which will be the first city?

The Big Apple, the City that never sleeps … there are many nicknames for New York, an eccentric and contemporary city.
Our moodboard of fabrics with shades of Teal recalls it in every facet: the dynamic one, that of infinite opportunities, that of disruptive modernity.

Welcome to the convivial area of the house, the room in which to share a Manhattan in his iced glass with friends, while a distant gramophone plays some Jazz music.
The eccentric spirit of New York is alive in the design, in the architecture, in the colors.

The atmosphere of this Living seems to have been extracted from a work by Woody Allen. Unique, bold, lively: just like our moodboard is.

“To him, no matter what the season was, this was still a town that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great tunes of George Gershwin”

The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius consigned the ancient city of Pompeii to history by forever freezing time among the streets, houses and frescoes. Everything is suspended, as if waiting for something. From the paintings on the walls of the Villa of the Mysteries we rediscover a world made of different but still current rituals, sensations and ways of living. Suggestions from an ancient and already modern world.

The Pompeian Red comes out of the frescoes to dye fabrics, velvets and upholstery.
An antique moodboard that does not neglect the world of lacquers and craftsmanship on wood.
An ancient world opens up, full of sounds and visions that were deemed irretrievably lost.

Refined wines and precious fabrics are fundamental for the Mystery rites.
An ode to Bacchus and luxury relives today through a classic and unmistakable inspiration.

Chapter I – Breakfast in Rome

Someone travels along the ancient streets on a Vespa, while the sun rises once again, after almost two thousand years, caressing the travertine of the Colosseum.

Breakfast in Rome is served at hotel St. Regis, located in one of Rome’s most impressive palazzos. Since 1894 the hotel has been a crossroads for international travellers, who have always chosen it for its timeless elegance and above all for its unmistakable heritage.

Breakfast is served in the room: freshly squeezed orange juice, espresso and a French croissant, a prelude to the surprise ending of our day. From the room, the high ceilings, Rubelli fabrics and artfully blown glass are watching us: it’s time to go out.

La Dolce Vita awaits us.

Chapter II – Wandering in Milan

Fashion, culture, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Milan is much more than its shops and its bustling city of business: it is an outpost of European culture, a unique place where classic and contemporary blend seamlessly, alternating contemporary buildings with remnants of the glories of the past.

A few steps from the church of San Marco, among wine bars, libraries and the Museum of the Risorgimento a short distance away, we stop at the Hotel Palazzo Parigi, a captivating structure full of marble and wooden works.

We relax in the centenary gardens, wasting time between the rooms and the private terraces.

Then we leave towards the last stage of the day.

Chapter III – Falling in love in France

The Loire Valley is the land of castles and kings.

We are headed here, during this dreamlike journey, between rows of Sauvignon blanc as far as the eye can see.

Our destination is Château de Rochecotte, formerly the private estate of the Duchess Dorothée of Dino and Prince of Talleyrand, only three hours away from Paris.

Echoes of the France of the kings are felt strong and clear in the signature suites and gardens of this wonderful 4-star hotel.

We prepare for a magical evening and an unforgettable night.

“France, France, sans toi le monde serait seul” – Victor Hugo.

A tour around the world, with each stage marked from time to time by the classic and contemporary style signed by SALDA.

This is the feeling we get when browsing the Hotellerie presentation, a collection of projects that SALDA has taken part in over the years from which to draw inspiration for other new, surprising projects.

The Secret Garden, a timeless place where natural colours and harmonious shapes provide the perfect setting for our new collection pieces.

A place full of mystery, where everything seems suspended in an eternal moment, we can see and be inspired by the textures, the play of light and interesting perspectives.

In a place where time seems to have stood still, a classic console table is created, entirely decorated by hand, the stylistic signature of our company.

It is the perfect blend of a classic product in a timeless place, and the inspiration for one of the new 2022 colour trends: High park.

An elegant, not insolent green that blends perfectly into any room in the house.

A colour that somehow manages to sum up the everyday life of living, hobbies, personal rituals and cultural influences that determine the way of life. Green, used in all its nuances, is capable of integrating perfectly into all rooms in the home and combined with pastel colours enhances the architecture of a space.

The timeless Animalier fabric accompanies our days, not only in fashion, but also in design and decoration.

Extravagant, fascinating and full of character, this type of texture will give a gritty touch to the environment.

New colours of Wilde velvet broaden the opportunity to use this charming upholstery fabric. Stylish animal spot enhanced by a horizontal stripe ground effect which adds an interesting contrast.

From bold contemporary to a more classic and delicate style, the soft cotton toile fabric embraces the cushion with its beautiful texture.

A 19th century toile showing an Indian scene at the time of the Raj. With a couple riding an elephant through a tropical jungle, complete with tigers, ostriches and Mughal palaces.

Our style office has developed a finishings proposal on this color, mixing it with neutral colors and pale pink with a modern and feminine result. A tone-on-tone combination ideal for those who love to furnish by playing with shades.

The correct word is dare, dare as much as possible, use it with bright colours such as pink. The idea is to create a play between two styles: contemporary and classic.

Playing with woods and bronzes the result will be super cool!

We love to dare; we love to be classic but always eclectic, mixing styles and playing with colors.

Acid tones are what we love most right now… striking and full of life and summer vibes!

Enjoy the feeling of thousands of shades of green and yellow inspired by the wonders of nature, from rainforest animals to intense minerals and tropical vegetables. Vibrant shades to go bold: colors have the power to transform a space or a piece of furniture, even more when we are talking about a very classic bespoke handmade creation.

Just free your imagination and turn to colors, acid colors!

Chocolate has always been a source of inspiration, and not just for chefs and pastry chefs: artists, directors and designers from all over the world have dedicated wonderful creations to the “food of the gods”.

The chocolate palette has been a magical ingredient in interior design schemes the world over and across many different style tastes for centuries. We too have a real addiction for chocolate shades and we love evocate its with dark woods and refined marquetryes made joining by hand different grains of woods. The most elegant results are obtained with mahogany, cherry wood and rosewood.

Mixing classic lines with natural color of woods and golden accents it’s very simple bring chocolate’s warmth and richness to any space and give a true sense of luxury.

Chocolate shades are versatile and they can be used to implement many design ideas. The reason for this versatility is that brown is a blend of many different colours and therefore has an understandably amicable relationship with almost every other hue.

Chocolate evokes a particularly cosy atmosphere in natural combinations with colours such as cream, sand and beige – and these blends are currently extremely popular!

Teal is a rare, assertive, elegant color. It’s not green or blue. It’s teal! It’s the new color that did not exist, and it has replaced black in the world of luxury and exclusiveness. We love teal because it is a versatile color that’s perfect for a classic decor because it goes so well with wood. We also combined it with gold and natural hues such as taupe and beige: fabulous!

During this year we have witnessed a real invasion of “naturalist” colors in furnishings and accessories, colors inspired by landscapes of lakes, forests and woods. These are mostly balanced nuances, of neutral and muted colors, capable of bringing classic refinement to the interior.

Among these new shades, our favourite is mushroom color that can be used nearly everywhere. Although it can also be referred to as “oyster,” “taupe,” or “greige,” mushroom is itself a distinctive color—not too warm, not too cool. The most appealing thing about mushroom is its ability to work in a variety of design styles. Our style office has developed a decor proposal on this color, mixing different style and materials in an elegant set made of warm woods, soft velvets and light blue accents.

Classic Blue is the color that, according to Pantone Color Institute experts, will better interpret the character of 2020. It is a universal shade “reminiscent of the sky at dusk”, “a boundless blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky that encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication.”

This color appeals to everyone, from lovers of chinoiserie to modernists. Universal as it is, a Classic Blue fits beautifully into timeless settings adding always a touch of sober elegance. For these reason we often use it in our decor proposals, matching it with french lines, handmade carvings and cast brass details.
And a few months ago we started using it also in our decorative experiments for the next Salone del Mobile…stay tuned!