October, the month where we celebrate the final entry into autumn season.

The season where colours take over. Endless shades of orange line tree-lined avenues.

Autumn is the colour of the leaves before they fall off the branches: orange, but also a little brown and violet.

The skilful hands of our style office have created perfect mixes & matches, from autumn shades of chestnut, honey and terracotta to forest green. So as not to forget the season that just passed, the season of long walks on the beach, another colour has made: blue.

A collection within a collection, a creative tale that draws on and celebrates style through the capsule collection inspired by the early twentieth century: Futura.

A stylistic choice with the typical Salda brand of a historical continuity that can gradually take on different forms.

In the first moodboard we have included the bergère of Futura, which is dressed in a new rust orange fabric. The idea was to combine such an important product with iconic pieces from the collection, such as the 50s-style buffet, the dining armchair and the table with its forest green marble top.

To complete the setting, a touch of the 1920s, a very rigorous element from the new Thousand Lines capsule collection.

Central product proposed by the style office: the Futura bergère in rust orange, accompanied by other elements from the capsule collection, the console table and the weekly magazine in royale blue, the mirror from the Thousand Lines capsule collection and the coffee table embellished with chinoiserie.

Futura interprets the design and creative effervescence of the era with the Salda code: exceptional quality in both creation and materials, guaranteeing, as always, a high degree of customisation to anticipate and satisfy the needs of a cosmopolitan clientele that loves beauty.

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