Year after year, from collection to collection, from fashion to art and interior design, toile de Jouy is a timeless classic of eternal beauty. The bucolic scenes and delicate allegories, decorate with elegance the rooms of the house.

This precious fabric has become a symbol for a romantic, elegant and sophisticated style, just like the Salda style. There are many uses for this precious fabric, but our set is dedicated to blue and its nuances.

In this Mix & Match, our style office has given a lot of space to this timeless colour which is perfect for warming up any room in the house, a French classic with a double soul which goes well with classic and modern. A perfect colour for rooms where you spend a lot of time, precisely because of its ability to instil serenity and harmony.

The fabric decorated with toile de Jouy is used to upholster our Louis XV armchair in French lacquer. The skilful light-dark contrast highlights the shapes and carvings. The chest of drawers, also from the same period and made in a custom dark blue with warm tones, enhances the richness of the chinoiserie decoration, giving the room a timeless elegance.

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