Mix and match


For many people,  autumn is the most melancholy season of the year. For us, instead, autumn is fantastic and it is a great source of inspiration…

Autumn light is magic: the colors of nature become suggestive, romantic and poignant and create combinations of absolute elegance. Just like the one between brown and light blue to which we were inspired for our new Louis XVI style living room with precious hand-carved details and refined cotton velvet.

One of our favorite activities is renew classic items using decoration and color. The best example of this is rapresented by our Jungle sideboard, a classic model in Louis XV style proposed in a modern version, enhancing sinuous french tradition shapes with a jungle inpiration decor. The single parts that makes the decor are hand made on each single piece. They are made of gypsum applied on each piece and left in place for 24 hours. 

The leaves that compose the decoration are done one by one, engraving gypsum previously put on the wood surface with small chisels. Shapes and three-dimensionality of each element are hand made by using different dimensions chisels, sandpaper and brushes.

Leaves, well refined, are painted and shaded one by one with different tones of color. Once the brush decoration is done, the sideboard is refined with another color layer and with traditional settled patina. Palms, ferns and huge leaves shapes, that are super fashion these last year, inspire this gypsum decor.

The jungle theme is softened by the sage green neutral color, giving to this item a chic and warm taste, ideal to refurbish both modern and traditional rooms. 

When a new trend that mixes elements so different from each other arrives, we cannot resist the temptation and start experimenting! This is also the case for the Afrochic style, the new trend of interior design that unites tribal cultures and European traditions, reversing the codes of the traditional ethnic style that from eccentric and excessive becomes sober and elegant. How? Mixing refinement and European craftsmanship to objects, colors and patterns from distant lands, just like we did! In our Afrochic experiment coexist precious hand-carved decorations and extravagant animal prints, African statues and bowls in rough wood and antique gilded finishings, an elegant and refined way to bring into modern settings the authentic and mysterious charm of distant lands.


It’s time to say goodbye to Millennial Pink and let a new color reign supreme. We’re talking about Gen Z Yellow, the range of bright, lively and energetic yellow tones that have begun to invade fashion, design and home decor.

We love the mustard yellow hue and we often use it to enliven pieces with very classic lines.

Sometimes we combine this shade with dark colors like blue or black to warm the cool tones of space and create elegant contrasts and unexpected chic atmospheres.

Strong and bright colors, floral patterns, patchwork and texture of ethnic inspiration. The boho style, with its unique, spontaneous and brave aesthetics, is the king of mix and match and we are often influenced by it! Here are our chic bohemian style reinterpretations, original and personalized combinations between the refined classic French lines of our pieces and the vibrancy of contemporary fabrics with colors and quite extravagant motives.

Geometric motifs and metallic colors mingle with the soft curves of some early 20th century pieces to create a strong, elegant contrast. Here is a mix and match that we adore and to which we’ve dedicated part of our new collection. What do you think?


Every time we go to China and the Far East for our projects, we return full of new ideas and inspirations. On our last trip we were enthralled by the celadon ceramics: ancient objects of art full of symbolism. Their pale green glaze with an almost grayish blue tinge captivated us to the point that we decided to try to reproduce it in our finishes and mix it with the classical forms of our Louis XV chest of drawers. What do you think?

What happens when Italian elegance and an attention to detail arrive in China? Spaces generally designed to be sleek and functional become luxurious and customized, expressing elegant, timeless moods. Here’s an example of this in a project created for a client in Thaizhou who asked us to customize the pieces and select the best decor elements to complete the ambiance and enhance the product.



This is the story of an armchair with 1920s style that has been in our catalog for some time. After years of receiving compliments from our customers and being used to decorate several houses around the world, our chair wanted more. So we decided to make it bigger, turning it into a sofa so it could become an even greater protagonist of the decor.

The best combinations of taste do not create a real style but a state of mind. It happens when you mix an original French model of 1730, made of rosewood, with motifs and elements of exotic origin. Lines have a new fluidity whilst retaining their symmetry and the elegance becomes imaginative. Here you do not enter in a room but in a charming far away place where you can discover a new luxury comfort.