Mix and match


It seems that the trend palette of 2022/2023 does not include the combination of several different colors, but the color block.

Total blue, total yellow, total pink: the point is going total, choosing the color that best represents you and let it talk about you and your uniqueness.

It is now a fact: the one-color-block aesthetic has surpassed the rainbow palettes, giving space to the monochromatic attitude, characterized by a strong personality and assertive elegance.

What is the color that best suits your lifestyle? Benjamin Moore is a point of reference in the field of furniture and design for color trends. Take inspiration from the color chosen for 2023, Raspberry Blush: a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink which enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.

Do you prefer blue, instead? Take inspiration from the peacock blue color block at Jardin Majorelle, one of the last residences of the designer Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech.
A color between ultramarine and cobalt, bright and radiant.

Find your own inspiration.

Delicate and light, or bold and thick. Stripes are the 2022 trend in fashion and furniture: they are back strongly with their fresh and elegant air at the same time.

But had they ever really left?

Stripes are actually a great classic to give fabrics a refined and seductive look, never banal. Combined with other prints or other motifs – for example interspersed with delicate flowers in pastel tones – they are appreciated by everyone and suitable for every style.

But the stripes can also be contemporary and gritty.

The world of fashion knows this very well and in fact has always presented them on the catwalk in different moods: sailor-style, but not only. Two different styles, classic and contemporary, are composed around a single graphic element: the line.

What’s your favorite style?

It is no coincidence that in ancient Greece marble was called “marmaros”, meaning shining stone.

With its precious and always different veins and its eternal air, marble has been used in architecture since the earliest times for its beauty and ability to capture light.

Not just architecture: in the SALDA world, marble is the final touch of a story of style, the detail that makes a piece of furniture perfect and delivers it to history.


Pure and natural like rosewood, a marble that reveals all its essence in the most classic furnishings.

Almost powdery suggestions for a timeless finish that carries within itself the echoes of the Nordic forests.

Forest Green

A jungle green crossed by red, brown and brown veins: a topographical view that refers to the rainforests, to the timeless tropics crossed by uncontaminated paths and waterways.

Rare and very precious, a marble that is always different and always to be discovered as if it were the first time.

Nero Marquinia

Extracted from the quarries of Marquina, an ancient city near Bilbao, a fine-grained black marble with small puffs of white, candid and almost green veins.

Opulent, classic but tremendously contemporary: it is one of the finishes available in the SALDA catalogue.

Very elegant.

Breccia Viola

With its unmistakable purple colour, Breccia Viola marble is also known as Breccia Medicea because it was used in the past by the Medici of Florence to adorn monuments.

With an irresistible and seductive charm, a finish capable of transforming a piece of furniture and making it eternal.

Are you in love with all of them? Go to our website to discover all the marbles.

A long-lasting tradition passed on from generation to generation. Since 1870 SALDA makes bespoke furniture and dresses up homes and hotels all over the world.

A workshop where everything is handmade and personalisation is paramount to please sophisticated, elegant customers.

Every SALDA creation is an exclusive piece, born from original, traditional drawings.

Custom details of French tradition grant true authenticity, but are also an inspiration for more contemporary pieces. With SALDA, past and future blend together and create a unique style.

All of our creations can be completely tailor made and customised in dimensions, materials and end use.

Just like an atelier, we are constantly researching new style trends on fabrics, colours and materials to be able to support our clients with full-scale proposals and ideas, where SALDA blends in with its surroundings with elegance and uniqueness.

Winter nature mixes strong and deep colours with soft, neutral and cold shades.
We take inspiration from nature: no one knows how to combine palettes and create unique, magical shades better than her.

The colour of the leaves covered by frost, of rimed grass and frozen lime slices is also the shade of the green candied fruit of winter desserts.
Sage green is a chic, calming and never overwhelming colour.

Dark like wine, deep like the cherries’peel. The Amarena colour is typical of the berries and winter flowers, it is found in the brides’ bouquets and in the velvet dresses at the first of the Scala.
Chic and crunchy, it never tires.

The ivory shade of the parchment, of the antique writing desks and of the talc, cream and heavy wool woven by grandmothers into warm blankets and sweaters.

Can you think of a more wintry colour than this?

At SALDA we deeply believe in the principle that, in order not to lose effectiveness and harmony, the vision of the contemporary must always start from the research in the classic.

In the classic we find our origins and perfection of proportion.

In the classic we find details that embellish and perfect the horizons of the contemporary.

The origin is in the classic, whether in terms of research into forms and styles or in terms of cabinet-making and craftsmanship.

Past and future come together in the design of a piece capable of making history, in perfect Salda style.

Article 8722 brings a contemporary twist to classic lines and details: a radial straw marquetry decoration on the doors, full gloss lacquer in the same shade as the straw, crystal and natural maple interiors and a highly refined marble top.

These are the characteristics of a “theatrical” piece, for an increasingly sophisticated public in constant search of uniqueness.

The straw inlay has its roots in materials and techniques borrowed from the classic but surpassed thanks to the colour of full gloss and unusual combinations with other materials.

Two words that chase each other – classic and contemporary – merging into a style that is more than the sum of its parts.

Be inspired by our mix & match.

Year after year, from collection to collection, from fashion to art and interior design, toile de Jouy is a timeless classic of eternal beauty. The bucolic scenes and delicate allegories, decorate with elegance the rooms of the house.

This precious fabric has become a symbol for a romantic, elegant and sophisticated style, just like the Salda style. There are many uses for this precious fabric, but our set is dedicated to blue and its nuances.

In this Mix & Match, our style office has given a lot of space to this timeless colour which is perfect for warming up any room in the house, a French classic with a double soul which goes well with classic and modern. A perfect colour for rooms where you spend a lot of time, precisely because of its ability to instil serenity and harmony.

The fabric decorated with toile de Jouy is used to upholster our Louis XV armchair in French lacquer. The skilful light-dark contrast highlights the shapes and carvings. The chest of drawers, also from the same period and made in a custom dark blue with warm tones, enhances the richness of the chinoiserie decoration, giving the room a timeless elegance.

Popular and particularly sophisticated, this decoration mix has been all the rage in magazines and among home décor enthusiasts for some time now, and we too have tried our hand at a style exercise.

Mixing different fabrics is our passion, and this one we have taken inspiration from soft lines and more rigorous patterns which, skilfully worked, make the atmosphere cozy and elegant.

Our more eclectic proposals will be combined with highly worked fabrics with an antique feel to create a more contemporary decor where straw marquetry and full gloss are the predominant materials.

Be inspired!

October, the month where we celebrate the final entry into autumn season.

The season where colours take over. Endless shades of orange line tree-lined avenues.

Autumn is the colour of the leaves before they fall off the branches: orange, but also a little brown and violet.

The skilful hands of our style office have created perfect mixes & matches, from autumn shades of chestnut, honey and terracotta to forest green. So as not to forget the season that just passed, the season of long walks on the beach, another colour has made: blue.

A collection within a collection, a creative tale that draws on and celebrates style through the capsule collection inspired by the early twentieth century: Futura.

A stylistic choice with the typical Salda brand of a historical continuity that can gradually take on different forms.

In the first moodboard we have included the bergère of Futura, which is dressed in a new rust orange fabric. The idea was to combine such an important product with iconic pieces from the collection, such as the 50s-style buffet, the dining armchair and the table with its forest green marble top.

To complete the setting, a touch of the 1920s, a very rigorous element from the new Thousand Lines capsule collection.

Central product proposed by the style office: the Futura bergère in rust orange, accompanied by other elements from the capsule collection, the console table and the weekly magazine in royale blue, the mirror from the Thousand Lines capsule collection and the coffee table embellished with chinoiserie.

Futura interprets the design and creative effervescence of the era with the Salda code: exceptional quality in both creation and materials, guaranteeing, as always, a high degree of customisation to anticipate and satisfy the needs of a cosmopolitan clientele that loves beauty.

Our style office has developed a furnishing proposal in full Art Deco style, but always in perfect Salda style. Thousand Lines, the new capsule collection composed of high quality materials, is characterized by an energetic and elegant style.

Two materials: maple on one side and makassar on the other are fused together thanks to one of the Atelier’s typical processes, the shellac.

The inspiration for the collection comes directly from the 1920s, where classic shapes and clean geometries were the main feature of an industrialized world.

The new capsule collection signed by Salda is cared for in every detail and is embellished for its demanding audience with golden bronzes to highlight the handcrafted details and enhance the modern home.