Each fabric tells a different story. The origin of natural fibers, the methods of weaving, embroidery and processing, the finishing techniques trace different paths between countries, cultures and traditions.

Our journey around the world continues, with the spirit of the adventurous explorer of all time: our third stop is in a place full of mystery, scents and suggestions.

Today, we take you to Jaipur.

When Prince Albert came to Jaipur in 1876, the city palaces were dyed pink by order of the Maharaja, who wanted to impress him. Then and now, Jaipur isa city different from all the others, fragrant and mysterious. Ancient and modern at the same time, among its precious silks and fabrics once transported by caravans across the deserts.

Travelling to Jaipur is like dipping your hands into a basket filled with precious stones as colored as candy and bright as stars. Gold, jewels, cashmere and luxurious silks cover everything making it unique and special.

Weaving is so important that it is even represented on the Indian flag: the charka, the cotton spinning wheel, is depicted in the center of the Indian tricolor.

Finding these suggestions is simple in our living proposal.

A moodboard based on opulence, brilliance and saturation.

“India is not a promise, only an appeal” E.M.Forster

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