Chinoiserie, a revered style in 18th-century furniture decoration, conjures up the delicate motifs and intricate techniques of China. Stemming from “Chinois,” the French term for Chinese, this art form embodies the Western embrace of Asian design, mirroring an intense admiration for its aesthetic finesse and rich artistic heritage. The quintessential themes of Chinoiserie unfold in tranquil portrayals of everyday life, serene mountain vistas, peaceful lakesides, elegant pagodas, and exquisitely illustrated birds and animals.

At SALDA, our skillful craftsmen have reinterpreted Chinoiserie, melting it with Italian artistry. This blend transforms traditional decorations through various techniques ranging from gold leaf painting to reversed painted glass and ceramic tops. Each technique enhances the distinctive characteristics of Chinoiserie while infusing it with a unique Italian touch.

The beauty of handmade lies in its magnificent imperfections. Each design from SALDA’s Chinoiserie collection is slightly different, yet similar in essence, ensuring no two pieces are exactly alike, yet each resonates with the timeless spirit of the original art form. Owning such pieces is not about embracing a legacy to pass down through generations, offering a tangible connection to both art and history.

Explore a range of customizable products that bring this ancient art into the modern day, allowing you to own a piece of history reimagined through Italian craftsmanship. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation, and let your home tell a story of cultural harmony.


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