In the last few months, we are witnessing to a real pink invasion everywhere: fashion, cinema, design, home decoration.
The most pervasive tone is the “millenial pink”, a delicate and feminine shade we couldn’t resist to! So, here’s our tribute to this trend, a super-Frenchy pink lacquered chest of drawers.  An hymn to feminine romanticisme and levity, to elegance and care of details, to sophistication and simplicity.


T   he sea with its colors and its smell is for us a source of irresistible inspiration!
And just thinking of the sea we have recently reinterpreted one of our oldest models, a Louis XVI conversation sofa, personalizing it with the color of crystal clear waters and braided fabric inserts that recall the ropes of boats and the knots of sailors. The fine finishings, with matching wire’s edge, embrace the elegant lines of the French style and create a simple and refined piece capable of giving endless relaxation!









Flamingos have invaded the world of interior design for quite a while and we’ve seen their light, amusing figures everywhere in a variety of colors and in the most unexpected places. These strange birds have gone from being a simple trend to becoming a craze – even for us! Here’s our flamingo chair with slender legs and elegant bearing: it’s our own interpretation of the bird theme!

This post is dedicated to all the instruments and tools hidden in our warehouse that tell our story: without them, it would be impossible for us to do our work. We are fond of all the chisels used by our carvers, the templates on which we cut the curves of our pieces, the stamp with which we heat-emboss our furniture, and many other tools that are part of our artisan heritage. We love them because each day they remind us that our products are not mere objects but unique creations. We love them all because:

There is always some madness in love, as there is also always some reason in madness

Any excuse is good for returning to Paris, particularly at this time of year when new textile collections are presented. So here we are rushing around the Maison ed Object pavilions, the streets hosting Paris Decor Off, and the rooms of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in search of new ideas and inspirations. That’s because everyone knows that

Inspiration is a guest who does not willingly visit the lazy

Of the countless stimuli from this visit, we want to show you the things that most impressed and thrilled us and that immediately proved to be springboards for creating new projects.

After all, that’s what happens whenever you go to Paris:

You leave with a suitcase full of clothes; you return with your head full of ideas