Chinoiseries is a type of decoration of the Asian flavour, pinching imaginary and subjects from the Chinese culture. From natural landscapes with fantasy flair, dragons and colourful birds, mesmerizing pavilions and the sweeping lines of the Chinese pagodas as well as people in Chinese clothes became popular in the West in the 18th century on different types of décor objects: porcelains, silk and lacquerware.

Today at Salda we continue to practice this wonderful technique to create exclusive pieces of extraordinary elegance. Today we show you the process to achieve such detailed craftsmanship pieces through the skilful hands of our artisans grappled with the decoration of a Louis XVI-inspired chest of drawers embellished with oriental motifs. 

The decoration of this piece of furniture requires over 18 days of work and the skills of several craftsmen. The refined oriental motif that characterizes it is created by mixing the brush decoration with thin layers of gold leaf of different shades, superimposed on each other to obtain a depth effect.

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