We often work with architects and interior designers on special projects that require a high level of customization. Today we want to show you a truly special project that is big in space, furnishings and especially luxury. Here’s our proposal for a spacious, elegant Arabic living room that is used for important business meetings and gatherings.

Teal is a rare, assertive, elegant color. It’s not green or blue. It’s teal! It’s the new color that did not exist, and it has replaced black in the world of luxury and exclusiveness. We love teal because it is a versatile color that’s perfect for a classic decor because it goes so well with wood. We also combined it with gold and natural hues such as taupe and beige: fabulous!




Here’s a project we particularly like: a refurbished and remodeled factory turned into a home and studio. In its distinctly contemporary decor, our pieces stand out with their classic curves, creating an elegant contrast with the sleek lines of the space. It is an example of how classic style can soften a contemporary setting and how color becomes an elegant decorating element.


Compared to other Italian cities, Milan appears to be very modern. However, there are homes hidden in the more developed areas of the city where sophisticated atmospheres of the past live on. That is the case of this elegant apartment owned by a modern art collector that we had the pleasure of decorating with our pieces chosen to complement a unique triptych of art, design and decor.





This is our last living room inspired by the Indian jungle and dominated by a corner sofa in decò style, covered with sage green velvet with golden thread. One of the rooms that we like more for the elegant mix of gold details, natural colors and undefined colors as the warm red orange.