The patina of time transforms the furniture into contemporary and classic pieces at the same time.

Magic? A matter of details: SALDA brasses like small elzeviro decorate our collections making them unique and precious. Indeed, very precious.

Golden or silver colored, satin or patinated.

The brasses are the final touch of a skilful artisan path made of an unrepeatable manual experience.

They can recall the echoes of the footsteps in the rooms of Versailles and they never, ever can never be banal or go out of fashion.

The brasses give their best in the edges of tables, desks or dressers.

They keep secrets inside the drawers, enhance the mahogany and brown tones of the finest woods and essences. Precious and vibrant materials, beautiful finishes among the crystal glasses and bottles.

SALDA brass components are made in fusion and not industrially printed.

Such they are hand-mounted on each piece and on request they can be customised in the desired finishes.

Discover them all on our website.

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