The timeless Animalier fabric accompanies our days, not only in fashion, but also in design and decoration.

Extravagant, fascinating and full of character, this type of texture will give a gritty touch to the environment.

New colours of Wilde velvet broaden the opportunity to use this charming upholstery fabric. Stylish animal spot enhanced by a horizontal stripe ground effect which adds an interesting contrast.

From bold contemporary to a more classic and delicate style, the soft cotton toile fabric embraces the cushion with its beautiful texture.

A 19th century toile showing an Indian scene at the time of the Raj. With a couple riding an elephant through a tropical jungle, complete with tigers, ostriches and Mughal palaces.

Our style office has developed a finishings proposal on this color, mixing it with neutral colors and pale pink with a modern and feminine result. A tone-on-tone combination ideal for those who love to furnish by playing with shades.

The correct word is dare, dare as much as possible, use it with bright colours such as pink. The idea is to create a play between two styles: contemporary and classic.

Playing with woods and bronzes the result will be super cool!

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