2021 has been a busy year, and full of novelties too.

We have been working on new, different finishes with a contemporary spirit and an artisan touch. We present you our straw marquetry finish and our 100% full gloss lacquer, both perfect to refine every furniture, whether contemporary and classic.

Natural straw has only the characteristic straw color. The straw strands we use are soaked with coloured vegetable oils to obtain a wide variety of bright and vivid colors, that give brightness to the product.

How do we make it?

Our artisans open each tube in two parts, then they flatten and lay basing on a geometrical design. This technique creates a vibrant, translucent chiaroscuro effect. The light is captured and reflected by a thousand threads of straw: every reflection is unique.

Colours available:

An inspiration that comes from the East and from thousands of chinoiserie objects.

Our 100% full gloss lacquer gives surfaces a smoothness and a brilliance comparable to traditional Chinese lacquer, an effect given by the application of layers of varnish and the manual polishing process.

It performs best on smooth surfaces, not provide antiquing or peeling.

Colours available:

The union of these two new finishes creates unusual and surprising combinations.

We strongly want to be surprised again, by new combinations and new mixes.

Check out our Tris coffee table with full gloss forest green, with gold leaf and brass details.

Here’s how our new straw marquetry goes superb with the classic design.

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