Some time ago, in the family archive, we found a scale model prototype of an elegant table dating from 1950. We decided to reinterpret it in a luxurious and modern way using Makassar wood, one of the world’s most rare and prized materials and the abilities of 7 different craftsmen: cabinet-maker, joiner, inlay artist, blacksmith, polisher, lacquer-worker and varnisher.

To create the central body of this piece, our craftsmen have assembled and glued a number of solid wooden blocks to make a cuboid which is then planed into shape.

The top and base of this table have been veneered with strips of Makassar wood showing a variety of veinings, hand-fitted and jointed together to create a highly refined geometrical pattern which plays on the wood’s different colours to create lighter and darker rays like those of a star.

After more than a month’s work the result was amazing. A jewel of cabinet-making that mixes the oval shapes of the 1950s with today’s metallic colours and geometrical motifs emphasized by the natural light and dark veining of Makassar wood.

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