Chocolate has always been a source of inspiration, and not just for chefs and pastry chefs: artists, directors and designers from all over the world have dedicated wonderful creations to the “food of the gods”.

The chocolate palette has been a magical ingredient in interior design schemes the world over and across many different style tastes for centuries. We too have a real addiction for chocolate shades and we love evocate its with dark woods and refined marquetryes made joining by hand different grains of woods. The most elegant results are obtained with mahogany, cherry wood and rosewood.

Mixing classic lines with natural color of woods and golden accents it’s very simple bring chocolate’s warmth and richness to any space and give a true sense of luxury.

Chocolate shades are versatile and they can be used to implement many design ideas. The reason for this versatility is that brown is a blend of many different colours and therefore has an understandably amicable relationship with almost every other hue.

Chocolate evokes a particularly cosy atmosphere in natural combinations with colours such as cream, sand and beige – and these blends are currently extremely popular!

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