Stars -bright, shiny, precious- are an extremely refined decorative element, especially when mixed with the classic style. We used them to give a new light to an old French-style medallion armchair and to decorate the glass top and the central drawer of a console table of the early 20th century.



In the last few months, we are witnessing to a real pink invasion everywhere: fashion, cinema, design, home decoration.
The most pervasive tone is the “millenial pink”, a delicate and feminine shade we couldn’t resist to! So, here’s our tribute to this trend, a super-Frenchy pink lacquered chest of drawers.  An hymn to feminine romanticisme and levity, to elegance and care of details, to sophistication and simplicity.


We’ve fallen in love with the fringed foliage of palms and ferns, giant leaves, toucans and the vibrant colors of the tropics, so we decided to dedicate a few pieces of our collection to this theme that’s wild yet relaxing. Here’s the result…



What happens when Italian elegance and an attention to detail arrive in China? Spaces generally designed to be sleek and functional become luxurious and customized, expressing elegant, timeless moods. Here’s an example of this in a project created for a client in Thaizhou who asked us to customize the pieces and select the best decor elements to complete the ambiance and enhance the product.