Geometric motifs and metallic colors mingle with the soft curves of some early 20th century pieces to create a strong, elegant contrast. Here is a mix and match that we adore and to which we’ve dedicated part of our new collection. What do you think?


Any excuse is good for returning to Paris, particularly at this time of year when new textile collections are presented. So here we are rushing around the Maison ed Object pavilions, the streets hosting Paris Decor Off, and the rooms of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in search of new ideas and inspirations. That’s because everyone knows that

Inspiration is a guest who does not willingly visit the lazy

Of the countless stimuli from this visit, we want to show you the things that most impressed and thrilled us and that immediately proved to be springboards for creating new projects.

After all, that’s what happens whenever you go to Paris:

You leave with a suitcase full of clothes; you return with your head full of ideas