Summer is ending and a year is going away!

Someone a few years ago sang this way….

A “Faded Summer”, a strange summer that has given us a moment of normality in this equally strange time.

Our style office has reinterpreted in this way the end of our favorite times of the year: Summer.

The natural desaturated tones, the very material elements recreate a perfect setting for people like us love to mix different styles.

We love to dare; we love to be classic but always eclectic, mixing styles and playing with colors.

Acid tones are what we love most right now… striking and full of life and summer vibes!

Enjoy the feeling of thousands of shades of green and yellow inspired by the wonders of nature, from rainforest animals to intense minerals and tropical vegetables. Vibrant shades to go bold: colors have the power to transform a space or a piece of furniture, even more when we are talking about a very classic bespoke handmade creation.

Just free your imagination and turn to colors, acid colors!

Salda, a tailoring atelier founded in 1870, inaugurates its first London showcase inside the prestigious Design Center Chelsea Harbour, a reference point for the world of furniture in England and one of the best-known international design and architecture hubs.

The direct presence in London, international capital of interior design and high-level contract, represents another strategic piece in Salda international success.

Chelsea Harbour is the ideal destination both for London professionals and not only looking for inspiration and high-quality proposals and for individuals who can find here the precious advice of expert interior decorators and interior designers. An important step in an increasingly strategic area for Made in Italy and for Salda, a company of great tradition, a sartorial atelier deliberately contained in its size that has always stood out for its international vocation.

The showcase that will periodically be renewed presents in this first release the secretaire Art. 8382, an exclusive creation that reinterprets the Louis XV style thanks to the hand-made decorations in the Chinoiserie style.

The set is completed by two KE16 linden mirrors with carved frame and craquelè gold finish.

Two symbolic proposals that together give life to a set of sophisticated elegance capable of transmitting the quality of the brand’s bespoke philosophy to both the professional public, Salda chosen target, and the private one.

The eternal allure of classic furniture can be enhanced by unexpected material and finishing.

This is our approach, the Salda eclectic way aiming to interpret and refresh classic style.

This is how we chose resin, falling in love with its charming narrative.

Fluid material applicable on flat surfaces with a refined three-dimensional effect given by the material itself when combined with another transparent fluid.

Its allure is given by the textured effect and the power of intense color shades.

Salda worked on a vibrant and sophisticated color scheme, not just pure nuances but one-of-a-kind tones obtained by combining two different colors in precise quantities and percentages.

Like all Salda finishing, resin is worked through handmade techniques: it is poured, and color gradations and shades are created directly with the brush. The more or less full color effect is obtained by applying the resin itself with more or less density. Once the color has been made on the surface to be “coated”, it is left to dry and only once dried it is brushed making it shiny almost as if it were vitrified.

The effects of shades, shadows and lights are never the same, repeatable but not exactly reproducible, as the material, being handled, will always have its uniqueness.

A feature defining the beauty of the material itself.

Photos and post-production video by Giulio Oldrini and Eric Davanzo

One of our favorite activities is to redesign the pieces that have made the history of furniture from a contemporary perspective and more in line with current tastes and habits of life. This year we focused on the console table, one of the most versatile furniture of French origin in history.

We started from an ancient Louis XVI style model kept in our historical archive and we lightened it of the original gold frills to give it a more modern look. We wanted to preserve the original half-moon shape typical of the first consoles in history and emphasize the decorative function of this piece through meticulous attention to detail.

The construction and decoration of this piece go through delicate manufacturing stages that make it unique and customizable in the smallest details…


The basic shape of the legs is made by turning. Each single piece takes shape from a solid wood parallelepiped that is engraved and modeled manually with a chisel.The decorations are handcrafted one by one using small templates to draw a trace of the ornament and using chisels of different sizes to create the carved base. The carvings are embellished through the manual application and stripping of gold leaf.

The top, made of wood and not marble as was the case in the 1700s, is entirely hand decorated according to the ancient brush decoration techniques. Refined classic decorations, inspired by nature, develop around a refined fan motif made with different shades of blue and gray.

During latest years Terracotta color is spread all over the world including all categories: from fashion to interior design. It’s one of the most durable trends which continues to be very successful, probably because it lends itself well to different combinations, combining well with warm colors and materials such as wood (for a material effect) but also with cold colors such as grey and blues and materials such as concrete (creating an interesting contrast effect).

Our style office has developed a finishings proposal on this color, mixing it with neutral colors and pale pink with a modern and feminine result. A tone-on-tone combination ideal for those who love to furnish by playing with shades.

Terracotta is a refined and natural shade that goes very well with light and natural tones. Beige and white are the most suitable tones to give light to terracotta, the ontrend enveloping color that helps to warm interiors and to create refined and elegant atmospheres.

Teal is a rare, assertive, elegant color. It’s not green or blue. It’s teal! It’s the new color that did not exist, and it has replaced black in the world of luxury and exclusiveness. We love teal because it is a versatile color that’s perfect for a classic decor because it goes so well with wood. We also combined it with gold and natural hues such as taupe and beige: fabulous!

During this year we have witnessed a real invasion of “naturalist” colors in furnishings and accessories, colors inspired by landscapes of lakes, forests and woods. These are mostly balanced nuances, of neutral and muted colors, capable of bringing classic refinement to the interior.

Among these new shades, our favourite is mushroom color that can be used nearly everywhere. Although it can also be referred to as “oyster,” “taupe,” or “greige,” mushroom is itself a distinctive color—not too warm, not too cool. The most appealing thing about mushroom is its ability to work in a variety of design styles. Our style office has developed a decor proposal on this color, mixing different style and materials in an elegant set made of warm woods, soft velvets and light blue accents.

Fashion, design and furniture go hand in hand, exchanging ideas, inspirations, materials and colors. To develop our furnishing proposals, we often take inspiration from the world of fashion in order to offer our customers finishes and fabrics in line with the main trends of the moment. Today we show you the refined textile proposals elaborated by our style office by mixing the fabrics with which we normally work with the extraordinary furnishing fabrics signed by Hermes and the effect of Hermes patterns on some of our models inspired by the early 1900s with hand-made carvings. You will discover that, if mixed artfully, the motifs that have made Hermes scarves famous all over the world can give a unique and classy touch to our homes too!

The floral fabrics go very well with the classic style furniture and help to recreate the romantic and elegant atmospheres of the past. We often use floral fabrics in the decor proposals we make to our customers by mixing them with different patterns and plain fabrics of different compositions, our way to create romantic settings with a contemporary flavor. On the board below, for example, we mixed flowers and stripes, two apparently very different motifs which, if balanced well chromatically, give life to very refined settings.