Characteristic of the tempera lacquer, the so-called “French” lacquer, is the opacity. The French lacquer is patinated and peeled,especially on prominent surfaces and on shapes and carvings, which is where the lacquer coincidentally performs the best.If the client wishes to maintain a matte and “watery” finish but does not want any antiquing, please indicate it when ordering.

After having appropriately dyed the raw wood to give it uniformity, the first layer of tempera lacquer is applied.

Once dry, a particular solvent is passed on the prominent parts, on the carvings or on the edges by rubbing with a cotton cloth.This is to simulate the effect of a worn furniture on its points of greatest friction.

Last step of the “antique” finishing processi is the usage of patinas. Usually we apply a bituminous patina, with a warm and yellowy color.

It helps to obtain a chiaroscuro effect, giving depth to carvings and outlines and adding a warmer effect to color itself.Eventually the patina can be also applied with a brush, splashing little dark brown spots on the surface.All of these steps are part of the antique effect process to give more lived impression to each item.

If requested by he client, we can add contrasting color profiles as well as gold or silver leaf profiles.

These last ones are made putting a sort of glue, called “missione” on the surfaces on which we want to add gold.Then, the leaf is placed, the excess is cleaned up and, eventually, the gold or silver can be patinated.

At SALDA we deeply believe in the principle that, in order not to lose effectiveness and harmony, the vision of the contemporary must always start from the research in the classic.

In the classic we find our origins and perfection of proportion.

In the classic we find details that embellish and perfect the horizons of the contemporary.

The origin is in the classic, whether in terms of research into forms and styles or in terms of cabinet-making and craftsmanship.

Past and future come together in the design of a piece capable of making history, in perfect Salda style.

Article 8722 brings a contemporary twist to classic lines and details: a radial straw marquetry decoration on the doors, full gloss lacquer in the same shade as the straw, crystal and natural maple interiors and a highly refined marble top.

These are the characteristics of a “theatrical” piece, for an increasingly sophisticated public in constant search of uniqueness.

The straw inlay has its roots in materials and techniques borrowed from the classic but surpassed thanks to the colour of full gloss and unusual combinations with other materials.

Two words that chase each other – classic and contemporary – merging into a style that is more than the sum of its parts.

Be inspired by our mix & match.

The Secret Garden, a timeless place where natural colours and harmonious shapes provide the perfect setting for our new collection pieces.

A place full of mystery, where everything seems suspended in an eternal moment, we can see and be inspired by the textures, the play of light and interesting perspectives.

In a place where time seems to have stood still, a classic console table is created, entirely decorated by hand, the stylistic signature of our company.

It is the perfect blend of a classic product in a timeless place, and the inspiration for one of the new 2022 colour trends: High park.

An elegant, not insolent green that blends perfectly into any room in the house.

A colour that somehow manages to sum up the everyday life of living, hobbies, personal rituals and cultural influences that determine the way of life. Green, used in all its nuances, is capable of integrating perfectly into all rooms in the home and combined with pastel colours enhances the architecture of a space.

Year after year, from collection to collection, from fashion to art and interior design, toile de Jouy is a timeless classic of eternal beauty. The bucolic scenes and delicate allegories, decorate with elegance the rooms of the house.

This precious fabric has become a symbol for a romantic, elegant and sophisticated style, just like the Salda style. There are many uses for this precious fabric, but our set is dedicated to blue and its nuances.

In this Mix & Match, our style office has given a lot of space to this timeless colour which is perfect for warming up any room in the house, a French classic with a double soul which goes well with classic and modern. A perfect colour for rooms where you spend a lot of time, precisely because of its ability to instil serenity and harmony.

The fabric decorated with toile de Jouy is used to upholster our Louis XV armchair in French lacquer. The skilful light-dark contrast highlights the shapes and carvings. The chest of drawers, also from the same period and made in a custom dark blue with warm tones, enhances the richness of the chinoiserie decoration, giving the room a timeless elegance.

Popular and particularly sophisticated, this decoration mix has been all the rage in magazines and among home décor enthusiasts for some time now, and we too have tried our hand at a style exercise.

Mixing different fabrics is our passion, and this one we have taken inspiration from soft lines and more rigorous patterns which, skilfully worked, make the atmosphere cozy and elegant.

Our more eclectic proposals will be combined with highly worked fabrics with an antique feel to create a more contemporary decor where straw marquetry and full gloss are the predominant materials.

Be inspired!

This technique is a close relative of wood marquetry.
In the 17th century Marquetry inlayers used it, giving birth to a very rich handicraft, especially in France. Straw marquetry got back in fashion during the Art Deco period, when the most prestigious decorators returned this art to its former glory.

This technique is used to create unique pieces, producing a wonderful “chiaroscuro” game. It is very rare, and in Italy it is not common at all. To achieve good results, “Marqueterie de Paille” needs patience and dedication.

The Straw

Natural straw has only the characteristic straw color. The straw strands we use are soaked with coloured vegetable oils to obtain a wide variety of bright and vivid colors, that give brightness to the product.

Soaking and cutting

The straw reed, after being colored and dried, is wetted again in warm or hot water to be softened. Then, it is engraved by the craftsman along its entire length, and spread out on the work surface.

Gluing and positioning

The cutted reed is spread on the table through a bone paper folder, which is repeatedly passed over its surface. It, thus, becomes perfectly smooth and shiny, ready to be used.

Final result

The result is a brilliant, glossy and naturally waterproof finish. The finish is applicable only on flat surfaces (panels or portions of them). The result is a product of extreme value, one of a kind and highly customizable.


The available colors aren’t exclusively those chosen for our samples. There’s a great veriety of color shades, provided by the supplier, which results from the dye applied to the natural straw. The availability of colors, therefore, depends from what is provided by the supplier dyes the straw canes.

October, the month where we celebrate the final entry into autumn season.

The season where colours take over. Endless shades of orange line tree-lined avenues.

Autumn is the colour of the leaves before they fall off the branches: orange, but also a little brown and violet.

The skilful hands of our style office have created perfect mixes & matches, from autumn shades of chestnut, honey and terracotta to forest green. So as not to forget the season that just passed, the season of long walks on the beach, another colour has made: blue.

A collection within a collection, a creative tale that draws on and celebrates style through the capsule collection inspired by the early twentieth century: Futura.

A stylistic choice with the typical Salda brand of a historical continuity that can gradually take on different forms.

In the first moodboard we have included the bergère of Futura, which is dressed in a new rust orange fabric. The idea was to combine such an important product with iconic pieces from the collection, such as the 50s-style buffet, the dining armchair and the table with its forest green marble top.

To complete the setting, a touch of the 1920s, a very rigorous element from the new Thousand Lines capsule collection.

Central product proposed by the style office: the Futura bergère in rust orange, accompanied by other elements from the capsule collection, the console table and the weekly magazine in royale blue, the mirror from the Thousand Lines capsule collection and the coffee table embellished with chinoiserie.

Futura interprets the design and creative effervescence of the era with the Salda code: exceptional quality in both creation and materials, guaranteeing, as always, a high degree of customisation to anticipate and satisfy the needs of a cosmopolitan clientele that loves beauty.

The timeless Animalier fabric accompanies our days, not only in fashion, but also in design and decoration.

Extravagant, fascinating and full of character, this type of texture will give a gritty touch to the environment.

New colours of Wilde velvet broaden the opportunity to use this charming upholstery fabric. Stylish animal spot enhanced by a horizontal stripe ground effect which adds an interesting contrast.

From bold contemporary to a more classic and delicate style, the soft cotton toile fabric embraces the cushion with its beautiful texture.

A 19th century toile showing an Indian scene at the time of the Raj. With a couple riding an elephant through a tropical jungle, complete with tigers, ostriches and Mughal palaces.

Our style office has developed a finishings proposal on this color, mixing it with neutral colors and pale pink with a modern and feminine result. A tone-on-tone combination ideal for those who love to furnish by playing with shades.

The correct word is dare, dare as much as possible, use it with bright colours such as pink. The idea is to create a play between two styles: contemporary and classic.

Playing with woods and bronzes the result will be super cool!

Our style office has developed a furnishing proposal in full Art Deco style, but always in perfect Salda style. Thousand Lines, the new capsule collection composed of high quality materials, is characterized by an energetic and elegant style.

Two materials: maple on one side and makassar on the other are fused together thanks to one of the Atelier’s typical processes, the shellac.

The inspiration for the collection comes directly from the 1920s, where classic shapes and clean geometries were the main feature of an industrialized world.

The new capsule collection signed by Salda is cared for in every detail and is embellished for its demanding audience with golden bronzes to highlight the handcrafted details and enhance the modern home.

Salda reinterprets in its own image one of the most popular styles of the 20’s: Art Deco.
In fact, Thousand Lines is a capsule collection with classic and symmetrical shapes, made up of high quality materials with an energetic and elegant style, with great attention to detail.

Natural wood with a “millerighe” pattern, a processing technique that creates undulating grooves on the surface, meets one of the Atelier’s typical finishes: shellac.

Inside, Thousand lines is completely covered with maple wood, a delicate material with an immutable beauty able to satisfy all the needs of a refined and elegant public.

The real protagonists of the collection are the golden bronzes, strictly in Salda style, which enrich and embellish the entire capsule collection.

Thousand Lines, like all Salda’s collections, are entirely handmade, guaranteeing a high level of customization.