Antonella Avossa


Chinoiseries is a type of decoration of the Asian flavour, pinching imaginary and subjects from the Chinese culture. From natural landscapes with fantasy flair, dragons and colourful birds, mesmerizing pavilions and the sweeping lines of the Chinese pagodas as well as people in Chinese clothes became popular in the West in the 18th century on different types of décor objects: porcelains, silk and lacquerware.

Today at Salda we continue to practice this wonderful technique to create exclusive pieces of extraordinary elegance. Today we show you the process to achieve such detailed craftsmanship pieces through the skilful hands of our artisans grappled with the decoration of a Louis XVI-inspired chest of drawers embellished with oriental motifs. 

The decoration of this piece of furniture requires over 18 days of work and the skills of several craftsmen. The refined oriental motif that characterizes it is created by mixing the brush decoration with thin layers of gold leaf of different shades, superimposed on each other to obtain a depth effect.

This is a strange year, but no less fruitful in terms of inspirations. The stop we have all been forced to and the inability to move freely have renewed our desire for nature and encouraged us to dedicate part of our new collection to shades of green and earth, the basic colors of every natural environment.

Today we are pleased to present you the finishing proposal and the new creations born from all this, cabinet-making masterpieces in which wood becomes the leading charachter thanks to finishings, fabrics and decorative elements that emphasize its most authentich and natural soul.

It has always been a known fact that the white and gold color combination adds a touch of royalty, class, and elegance to interiors. Thought of as lavish and luxurious, white interiors with gold gilding have been a perennial favorite in castles and palaces for centuries.

This classic color combination is a perennial that really never goes out of style and now it is particulary ontrend with the brass’s comeback. White and gold combination, long associated with royalty, doesn’t exclusively apply to palatial interiors and formal traditional rooms but it enhances the modern home as well.

We often works with this refined combination of colors, appreciated by Middle Eastern clients and perfect for highlighting the hand crafted details of our pieces. We love use dreamy, creamy, aged whites with warm undertones that enhance the richness of gold.

This time our style office has developed a white and gold decor proposal mixing pieces from different eras in an elegant set made of cast brass details and precious marble, carved wood, soft velvet and trimmings. 

Chocolate has always been a source of inspiration, and not just for chefs and pastry chefs: artists, directors and designers from all over the world have dedicated wonderful creations to the “food of the gods”.

The chocolate palette has been a magical ingredient in interior design schemes the world over and across many different style tastes for centuries. We too have a real addiction for chocolate shades and we love evocate its with dark woods and refined marquetryes made joining by hand different grains of woods. The most elegant results are obtained with mahogany, cherry wood and rosewood.

Mixing classic lines with natural color of woods and golden accents it’s very simple bring chocolate’s warmth and richness to any space and give a true sense of luxury.

Chocolate shades are versatile and they can be used to implement many design ideas. The reason for this versatility is that brown is a blend of many different colours and therefore has an understandably amicable relationship with almost every other hue.

Chocolate evokes a particularly cosy atmosphere in natural combinations with colours such as cream, sand and beige – and these blends are currently extremely popular!